Happy Times (2000) Directed by Zhang Yimou
When Zhang Yimou directed the 2000 art-house film Happy Times, based on the novel Shifu Yue Lai Yue Youmo by Mo Yan, the city of Dalian was used extensively for exterior locations.

The downtown area of Dalian, and the Special Economic Zone (Kaifa Qu) in the Northern district of Metro Dalian were the two primary areas featured in the film. The movie does not make a point to show these areas clearly, but they are easily to recognize even with the numerous developments since it was filmed.

The actress Dong Jie, who stars as the blind girl that the story centers on, was also born and raised in Dalian.
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Dalian Location 01 - Paotai Mountain Park
The story is about an old factory worker who takes on the guardianship of a blind girl in order to win her obese and divorced mother's hand in marriage.
Dalian Location 02 - Zhongshan Road
Dalian Location 03 - Laodong Park
In the classic tradition of China's master movie maker, Zhang Yimou weaves a heart warming story around the dysfunctional relationships of these main characters.
Dalian Location 04 - Paotai Mountain Park
Dalian Location 05 - Shengli Square
The movie title is taken from the Happy Times Hotel, an abandoned mini-bus that the old factory worker converts into a secluded love nest for mountain hikers.
Dalian Location 06 - Laodong Park (Xiguan Park)
Dalian Location 07 - Qingniwa Road
Frames from the movie are presented here, along with linked map coordinates to show where in Dalian the scenes were filmed.
Dalian Location 08 - Kaifa Qu Road
Dalian Location 09 - Zhongshan Square
Scenes are shown in chronological order to the film. A production schedule could be formulated by looking at the overlap of locations, from all the film edits.
Dalian Location 10 - Shengli Square
Dalian Location 11 - Dalian Train Station
Dalian Location 12 - Zhongshan Road
Dalian Location 13 - New Mart
Zhang Yimou is considered the greatest Chinese filmmaker of his generation. His internationally acclaimed movies include: Raise the Red Lantern, To Live, Shanghai Triad, The Road Home, Not One Less, and Hero. Many of his films star GongLi, who was his girlfriend for many years and also the most famous actresses in modern China.
Dalian Location 14 - Kaifa Qu Road
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